Bahrain: military trial of prominent women activists ‘deeply disturbing’ – Amnesty International

Amnesty International UK have released a statement regarding Roula Al Safar and Jalila Al Salman and their proposed military trial.

The Bahraini authorities’ decision to try two prominent women activists in a military court is a backward step and raises concerns that they will not receive a fair trial, Amnesty International said today.
Roula al-Saffar, head of the Bahrain Nursing Society, and Jalila al-Salman, vice-president of the Bahrain Teachers’ Association, have been released on bail after being detained for several months for their involvement in pro-reform protests.
Roula al-Saffar will be tried next Sunday together with 13 other medical workers before the National Safety Court, a military court, although she and Jalila al-Salman, who will be tried by the same court the following day, are both civilians.
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