Blame Iran: a dangerous response to the Bahraini uprising – The Guardian

This is a great article from Guardian journalist David Roberts, warning Bahrain against stoking up the sectarian divide by blaming Iran for all civil unrest in the country.

Whatever their reason for believing the worst about Iran, the reality is that by blaming the Revolutionary Guard and the mullahs in Tehran, they are abdicating responsibility from Bahrain’s elite.

Instead of questioning the fundamental premise of minority Sunni rule in Bahrain; the accusations of institutionalised disenfranchisement of the Shia or perennial question of corruption, the blame is instead diverted to the external enemy.

This is not to ignore the very real likelihood that Iran has indeed had agents of the Revolutionary Guard working away in Manama and elsewhere on the Arab side of the Gulf. For example, an Iranian spy ring was recently caught and sentenced in Kuwait and it would seem only logical to note that there are others as yet unfound. Yet there is a sizeable distance between supposing or even finding Iranian agents in, say, Bahrain, and concluding that they are the primary cause of unrest.

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