BJDM Statement on Attack on Sheikh Ali’s Home


Bahrain Police Attack Home of Opposition Leader

Attacked home of Sheikh Ali

Attacked home of Sheikh Ali

At around midnight last night, police attacked the home of Bahraini opposition leader, Sheikh Ali Salman.

Sheikh Ali, the General Secretary of the largest opposition party Al Wefaq, was asleep in the house when the attack took place, along with his family.

Police smashed windows, fired rubber bullets and sent tear gas into the home, located in the town of Bilad Al Qadeem.

Fortunately there were no serious injuries sustained in the attack, beyond the psychological damage caused by such high level harassment.

The tactic of terrorizing the homes of opposition activists has been well used by Bahraini Police in the past few months. Many others have faced the same treatment, which is an attempt to scare the opposition into silence.

Sheikh Ali is well known in Bahrain for his moderate views and his peaceful approach to political reform. He advocates dialogue as a form of change and in the past has encouraged protestors to remain peaceful.

But despite his insistence on peaceful activities he has not been treated in the same way by Bahrain authorities. This latest attack is another example of the punishment given to opposition leaders and activists who simply want to create a more just society.

Ali Al Aswad, a resigned MP for Al Wefaq, said:

“We wholeheartedly condemn this thuggish behaviour that has been inflicted upon Sheikh Ali. Everyone in Bahrain knows he is a moderate man who always encourages peaceful protest and dialogue. This is a clear attempt to try to scare the opposition and subsequently silence any criticism. However, we will continue to highlight injustice and not be intimidated or provoked by such an attack.”

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