Police kill 15 year old boy in Bahrain

Reports are flooding in that a 15 year old boy has been killed by Bahraini police in the town of Sitra.

Ali Jawad Al Sheikh was attending a protest in the north east of the island, when he was shot at close range with a gas canister. It knocked him unconscious and he died not long after from swallowing his tongue.

The peaceful protest was one of many that was taking place across the country after Eid prayers this morning.

According to witnesses he was refused treatment in the hospital where he was taken and it’s also being said that Police are trying to remove the body to hide the evidence.

Ali Jawad Sheikh is the third child to be killed by state forces since 14th February.

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Photo of Killed Ali Jawad Al Sheikh (Disturbing image)

The Gas Canister that alledgedly killed Ali Jawad


Ali Jawad BBM Status "Blood is the price you pay for freedom"

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