Statement of support from Korean politicians and trade unionists to Bahrain medics

We demand the Bahrain government to immediately stop the repression against the Medial Professionals in Bahrain!

Twenty medical professionals in Bahrain have been given prison sentences of five to fifteen years in jail by military court, for helping those wounded by the regime. According to Physicians for Human Rights, there is “hard evidence of systematic and coordinated attacks against medical personnel because of their efforts to provide unbiased care for wounded protesters.”

These medical professionals have already been subject to arbitrary arrest, torture, isolation and confinement. As one of those charged explained, “I was taken from my house by more than 30 masked men with guns in front of my son, whom I had to leave alone. I was physically and emotionally abused, blindfolded and handcuffed. They beat me – with their hands and legs, with a hose, and gave me electric shocks. They threatened to rape me. They threatened to kill me so that I would confess to false accusations. I was sexually harassed and humiliated.”

Leading medical organizations—including Physicians for Human Rights, the American College of Physicians, England’s Royal College of Surgeons, the National Arab American Medical Association and the American Medical Association—have petitioned the Crown Prince of Bahrain to stop attacking hospitals, patients and doctors.

Therefore, we the undersigned call upon the Bahraini authorities to immediately release these medical professionals and drop all charges, so that they may resume their work of providing unbiased caring for the sick and injured.

The Democratic Labor Party National Assembly Members

Mr. Hong Heedeok
Mr. Kang Gi-gap
Mr. Kim Seon DOng
Ms. Kwak Jeong Sook
Mr. Kwon Young-ghil

Korean Confederation of Trade Union
Mr. Kim Young Hoon, Chairperson

Korea Alliance for Progressive Movement
Ms. Lee Kangsil, President

All Together (South Korea)
Mr. Choe Ilbung, Steering Committee Member

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