UK Foreign Secretary Speech to Parliament (13/10/11)

UK Foreign Secretary, William Hague, addressed Parliament today about the Middle East and touched specifically on Bahrain. We hope to upload the full debate soon in which Bahrain was a constant feature.

He said,

Members of all sides of the House will have concerns about events in Bahrain, including the use of military-led courts to try civilian defendants including doctors and nurses. We welcome the announcement by the Bahraini Attorney General that the cases of the medical staff will now be retried in a civil court on 23 October, and the expected report of the Independent Commission of Inquiry on 30 October. We attach great importance to the publication of this report. It is a major opportunity for Bahrain to demonstrate that it will adhere to international standards, meet its human rights commitments and take action when abuses are identified.

Read the full statement here:

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