Accused Bahraini Medics lose their salary

The 20 Bahraini medics facing up to 15 years in jail have today found that The Ministry of Health has stopped paying their wages.

Although The Government has announced a retrial and effectively annulled the previous convictions, the medics are still being treated as guilty.

For the past few months they had received less than half the basic pay but have now discovered they are not receiving any wage.

At the same time they are unable to find alternate work, as they have not yet officially been sacked from their medical roles. Any attempt to obtain a private practice license will also be refused.

This leaves the medics in a situation where they have no source of income and are unable to find work.

One month ago there was international outcry when the medics were sentenced to between 5 and 15 years for treating injured protestors, during the democracy protests of February and March.

Since then the Government has promised a re-trial in a civilian court, which is now due to take place on 28th November.

This means the medics will have to continue for at least another month without being paid.

Also today, The European Parliament overwhelmingly passed a motion calling for all charges against the medics to be dropped.

One of the accused, Dr Fatima Haji said:

We are hanged now from our necks. They are trying to suffocate us. All of us had financial commitments to fulfil each month.”

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