BJDM: BICI Report must be followed by political reform

The Bahrain Justice and Development Movement welcomes the publication of the Bahrain Independent Commission of inquiry but believes unless it leads to serious political reform it will be useless.

Whilst the evidence of torture and widespread human rights abuses will not shock those in Bahrain, the report provides a helpful resource for foreign governments to pressure Bahrain into reforms.

Only such pressure will lead Bahrain down the road towards democracy and this must happen immediately.

This report has helped to clarify the events on February and March and clearly points the finger at the Government for the deplorable violations against the people of Bahrain.

Furthermore the conclusion that Iran had no involvement in the uprising proves the legitimacy of the report as Bahraini’s do not need to be told to protest by foreign states; they can and have done this on their own.

We ask the international community to now make the link between the documented abuses and the political system in Bahrain that creates, sustains and essentially needs such mistreatment in order to ensure it’s survival.

This is an anti-democratic system that needs immediate and sweeping changes starting with those outlined in the oppositions Manama Document.

BICI must act as the light to ignite these changes and foreign Governments must now openly and publicly call for Bahrain to return to the negotiation table and start a fresh and meaningful dialogue.

If this does not happen the Government will use the report to draw a line under the recent uprising without addressing the widespread calls for democracy that have been central to all peaceful protests.

BICI should be the beginning and not the end of democracy in Bahrain.

23rd November 2011

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