BICI Chief calls Government implementation programme a “whitewash”

Professor Cherif Bassiouni, head of the Bahrain Independent Commission, has slammed the actions of the Bahrain Government since the reports publication, calling it a ‘whitewash’.

Speaking to DePaul University TV Show, ‘Good Day DePaul’, he said:

“I think the public is going to come out in the end and say, you know what you’re holding all of these investigations behind closed doors – this is a whitewash and I think they would be perfectly justified in saying so.”

He went on to stress the need for economic, political and constitutional reform in Bahrain as well as being critical of the lack of public condemnation from the United States over Bahrain. He said:

“ I think there is merit in naming and shaming and embarrassing, in pushing, in listing public opinion, domestic and international. This is not the style of Secretary Clinton or President Obama and I’m not sure they’re necessarily doing the right choice.”

It is the first time the head of the Commission has publicly stated his dissatisfaction with the pace of change and progress in Bahrain. Western Governments have been quick to congratulate Bahrain on the report and their supposed reforms, but this new admission from Bassiouni will surely challenge the idea that Bahrain is genuinely reforming for the better.

Watch the clip here:


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