Al Wefaq claim injuries on body of Martyr Salah Abbas show ‘torture’

The body of Martyr Salah Abbas Habib was today examined by officials from Al Wefaq, who claim there are signs of injuries sustained before death, indicating that he was tortured.

Salah Abbas was found dead on Friday night, after protests in the town of Shakura.

Today opposition party Al Wefaq received Salah’s body and took part in an examination a long with lawyers and doctors.

According to Al Wefaq the following injuries were discovered on the body:

 1) Neck fracture

2) Birdshots pellets in the left side of the flank, more towards the back ( most probably from short distance ).

3) Birdshot pellets at the back of left foot.

4) Bruises in the right hand.

5) Bruises in the left leg.

6) Severe burns in the chest and abdomen.

They also took photographs of these injuries, which we have decided not to print due to their graphic content. You can however view them at the following links, should you choose to:

Excessive shotgun pellets at the back of the body:

Severe burns in the chest and abdomen:

Fractured neck (still bleeding):

Al Wefaq say that at least 80 people have now been killed by Police during the past year and there has not been one single conviction. Adding, Within these circumstances we expect more killings to happen to innocent citizens providing the silence and lack of sufficient pressure from the international community.”

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