Medical Report of Salah Abbas Habib

Below is a medical report conducted by Dr. Taha Al-Derazi, Consultant Neurological Surgeon, on the body of the martyr Salah Abbas Habib.

Medical Report

Salah Abbas Habib

Salah Abbas Habib, 37 years old man. He was kidnapped by Riot Police on April 20, 2012 and declared dead on April 21, 2012. He was found deceased in a farm in Alshakoora village. He was taken to the Salmaniya Medical Complex Autopsy Room. Autopsy was performed and the man was handled to his family and buried on April 23, 2012

Examination on April 23, 2012: 

  • He was deceased, in supine position
  • Bleeding from the mouth, nose and right ear (right ear bleeding mixed with cerebrospinal fluid which indicated fracture of skull base)
  • Puncture wound in right temporal area of the head
  • Bruises at the root of the nose
  • Abrasion in right ear pinna
  • Unstable cervical spine, possibly due to fracture dislocation
  • Deformity of left clavicle which indicated clavicular fracture
  • Deformity of right shoulder which indicated dislocation
  • Midline sutured wound extending from suprasternal notch to about 3 cm below the umbilicus (Autopsy was performed)
  • Friction burns of second degree on the anterior chest and abdominal wall, at the chest wall an oval-shaped burn 25×20 cm and the abdominal wall 20×15 cm. there was small area of friction burn in right loin about 3×3 cm and bruises over the lower lateral chest wall and loin.
  • Deformity of left lateral chest wall and palpable fracture of multiple ribs, possibly 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10thwith surgical emphysema all over the chest and upper abdomen possible due to fracture ribs and lungs injury and possible injury to the spleen and intraperitonal bleeding
  • Doughy abdomen mainly on left side fluid collection, which could be blood.
  • Multiple pellet entries in left side of the chest and left loin involving also the back on left side, lateral aspect of left thigh, leg and foot.
  • Two areas of friction burn on extensor surface of right elbow joint about 3×2 cm and 2×2 cm.
  • Deformity of right hip joint, it was in lateral rotation and abduction with restriction of extension, adduction and medial rotation


1. Decease

2. Severe head injury

3. Fracture dislocation of cervical spine

4. Fracture of left clavicle

5. Dislocation of right shoulder

6. Multiple fracture ribs on left side (possible injury to spleen and intraperitoneal bleeding and that resulted in hypovolemic shock)

7. Lungs injury

8. Friction burn – chest, abdomen, right loin and right elbow joint

9. Right hip joint dislocation

10. Multiple pellet entries in left lateral chest wall, left loin, lateral aspect of left thigh, left leg and foot

Possible Causes of Death:

1.     Severe head injury

2.     Lungs injury

3.     Cervical spine injury

4.     Splenic injury – hypovolemic shock


Taha Alderazi, MD., CABS., FRCSI., FRCSEd.,

Consultant Neurological Surgeon,

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