Al Wefaq Condemns the Denial of Entry to a European MP

Al Wefaq National Islamic Society has condemned the refusal of a European Member of Parliament, Ms. Ana Gomes, from entrance into Bahrain due to a decision issued by the Bahraini regime.

Al Wefaq strongly condemned the decision to ban as it contradicts with the misleading calls publicized by the regime towards openness and transparency.

Al Wefaq has also highlighted that this action forms a part of a greater blackout and an attempt to hide the real situations of the Bahraini prisoners of conscience from being circulated to the political campaigners worldwide.

Al Wefaq very warmly welcomed Ms. Gomes and passed its gratitude for her efforts and concern about Bahrain along with all those individuals who share the same interest to defend the Bahraini cause and seek its development and prosperity..

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