Al Wefaq: Opposition leaders should be outside prison and all political conviction are false and invalid

Statement by Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society in Bahrain on the political convictions issued against opposition figures and detainees

Al-Wefaq main opposition party issued the following statement on Monday 30th April, 2012:

 Opposition leaders should be outside prison and all political conviction are false and invalid

The authority in Bahrain is acting arrogant not engaging in a lasting and comprehensive political solution to the crisis in Bahrain. The authority is continuing its persistence to the suppressive security solution, which has proven its failure. The people of Bahrain have taken to the streets, more than a year ago demanding democracy and an end to the ruling dictatorship, and they will not surrender until their rightful demands are met.

Sentences of life imprisonment issued against opposition leaders give indications that the unresolved crisis in the country will go on for the same period, which means keeping  the country under the mercy of the security solution which is draining the country’s economy.

We stress that the right place for opposition leaders is outside prison, and all political prisoners should be released. They have only practiced freedom of expression, and the BICI report recommended that all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience be released.

The government has no intention to implement the BICI recommendations. As they have been kept in files, and several committees have been formed in an attempt to delay the report’s implementations by mislaying them into the bureaucracy of these committees. Many international organizations have condemned this delay.

The court of cassation has repealed all charges against the oppositions leaders and moved them to the court of appeals.

We insist that these trials are part of the security solution that is being undertaken by the authority while the country needs a political solution as the people of Bahrain are so resolute to continue their way towards democracy, freedom and dignity and to put an end to forty years of dictatorship.

The convictions based on confessions taken under torture prove that this government is running away from implementing the BICI recommendations. More, it colludes in torture crimes against the Bahraini people, as have been confirmed by the BICI report and several international human rights organizations, and as stated by Professor Sir Nigel Simon Rodley (member of the BICI), regarding the issue of the opposition leaders as he mentioned them as prisoners of conscience. These wrongful procedures and verdicts by the authority clearly encourage systematic torture.

As for those known as ‘detainees of Manama’, who are falsely accused of killing an Asian resident and unfairly sentenced to life imprisonment, they have described to the judge how their confessions were obtained under torture. The detainees showed bruises of terrible beatings and abuse on Monday 30th court hearing.

Evidence of torture and violations committed by security authorities against detainees means that all convictions are false and invalid. Yet, this is the case of all prisoners of conscience, jailed for practicing freedom of expression and criticizing the authority.

Again, we condemn the political convictions issued by the court against political leaders and human right activists. This is, by all means, ” political persecution” as stated by the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms. Navi Pillay.”

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