Al-Wefaq calls on Bahrain authorities to listen to advice of UK Foreign Secretary William Hague

Al Wefaq issue a statement following on from the interview of Wiliam Hague with Al Ahram Online. See the statement below:

Al-Wefaq calls on Bahrain authorities to listen to advice of UK Foreign Secretary William Hague

Al Wefaq notes with appreciation the interview given by William Hague, UK Foreign Secretary, to Al Ahram Online Newspaper.

In discussing Bahrain, the Foreign Secretary urged the government to “take steps quickly to implement these (BICI) reforms in full”, whilst arguing, “much more was to be done”.

We appreciate that the international community is refusing to buy into the Bahraini authorities false claims that they have already implemented in full the BICI recommendations. Until there is a genuine implementation, Bahrainis will continue to suffer from the ongoing human rights violations and the related problems will remain unsolved.

Full implementation, as recommended by Foreign Secretary William Hague, means bringing to account all of those responsible for human rights violations in Bahrain, from the senior leadership down to the bottom. It also means an immediate stopping of the continuous repression of the people through varying tools and tactics.

Until there is full justice for the many hundreds of people who have suffered, provision of equality and social justice for all Bahrainis and integrating them into the political and socioeconomic system, the country cannot move forwards and reconciliation will not have begun.

We call on the authorities to stop ignoring the persistent calls of the international community, who have made consistently clear that Bahrain must implement in full the promise it has signed up to with the BICI. The Bahraini authorities have verbally pretended to accept the conclusions of the BICI but failed to fulfil it in actions.

Al Wefaq also welcomes Mr. Hague’s call for a constructive and realistic dialogue. This is something we have pushed for many years before the hundreds of thousands of people came onto the streets to demand peaceful democratic transition.

We demand that the international community will step up it’s efforts to ensure the full implementation of the BICI and ensure that Bahraini government respects it’s international obligations to the people, through beginning the process of genuine democratic

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