President of UN Human Rights Council makes ‘unprecedented’ statement against Bahrain

Watch the video of the speech here:

Laura Dupuy Lasserre, President of The UN Human Rights Council made an ‘unprecedented’ statement today in calling on Bahrain not to make reprisals against opposition activists, attending the Universal Periodic Review.

At the end of the Bahrain UPR session, Ms. Lasserre made a surprise statement in which she condemned the ‘campaign in Bahrain media’ against those opposition delegates who attended the session in Geneva.

She also warned Bahrain authorities against bringing any harm of making reprisals against the activists, saying it was her duty to protect. She reminded Bahrain of it’s duty to protect all aspects of civil society in the country.

Going further she named individually all the opposition members at the UPR including Sayed Hadi Al-Musawi, Dr. Nada Dhaif, Jalila Al Salman, Mohamed Altajer and others and made clear her objection to the disgraceful media reports against them in Bahrain media.

Jalila Al Salman, Deputy Vice President of the Bahrain Teachers Union, told BJDM, “I was very uncomfortable about the daily reports in the loyal press. It gives a bad feeling but I was very happy to hear our names in the UN room.” She  added, “It gave me the feeling that I am under the UN protection. I transfer this to my family also and they inturn feel relaxed”.

In response the shocked leader of the Bahraini government delegation, Dr. Salah Ali, called the allegations “unfounded” and said he would like to know who made such a complaint to the Human Rights Council. Various other delegations who had previously supported Bahrain, such as Kuwait and Yemen, condemned the President for her statement.

But in her final remarks she stood by her statement relaying that it is her duty to protect those who face attacks.

Since the beginning of the session on Monday a number of columns have appeared in Bahrain media labeling the activists as “traitors” and making other derogatory statements against them.

The statement came at the end of the UPR session where Bahrain said it would return home and consider all recommendations made by the UPR working group.

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