Al Wefaq: Injured protester, who protected Sheikh Ali, remains in critical condition

Opposition party Al Wefaq, tonight, released this statement on the attack on Sheikh Ali and other opposition leaders that has left a young man with critical injuries. The statement provides an update on his situation and describes the attack as an “assassination attempt” that could not have taken place without “regime consent”.

Al-Mowali, protester injured by gunshot, remains in critical condition

Bahrain: Regime forces target opposition leaders in assassination attempt

Ali Al-Mowali, a Bahraini citizen, remains in a critical condition with fracturing to the skull caused by a direct gunshot fired from close range during the violent repression of a peaceful protest on Friday 22nd June.

Al-Mowali underwent surgery on immediate arrival at Salmaniya Medical Complex. He was in surgery for 4 hours under general anaesthetic and has not shown any sign of movement since. His family said he might need further surgery if he continues to show no signs of response to treatment.

He suffered the injury whilst protecting Al Wefaq’s Secretary General and other opposition leaders who had gathered to exercise their right to freedom of speech and assembly. They carried flowers as a symbol of the peaceful Bahraini movement and in contradiction to the violence of the regime against unarmed peaceful citizens.

Al-Mowali is currently surrounded by guards who had previously refused his family permission to see him. His family were later allowed after receiving military orders.

We describe Al-Mowali as a patriotic young man, ready to sacrifice his life for his country. He was carrying flowers in the face of the regimes brutality that speaks only the language of violence and weapons.

Amongst those injured in the attack was Secretary General of Al Wefaq who suffered from gunshot to the shoulder and back, Jawad Fairooz a resigned Al Wefaq MP and Hassan Al Marzooq, Vice Secretary General of Al Wahdawi Society, in addition to other protesters. This attack reveals the intention of the regime forces to assassinate opposition leaders. Although security officers carried out the attack, such an assassination attempt cannot take place without regime consent.

The regime security forces arrested a number of the citizens who were expressing their opinions, amongst whom a young man who tried to help the injured Ali Al-Mowali. This young man is still missing and the authorities refuse to provide his family with any information.

Security forces deliberately attacked and hurt citizens with savage beatings and extrajudicial violence, causing injuries from use of weaponry and beatings.

During the siege of Bilad Al Qadeem and surrounding areas, security forces raided a number of houses, assaulting citizens and targeting anyone moving in the streets. This enters the country into a dangerous phase of sustained killings, abductions and enforced disappearances.

It also comes against the backdrop of the regime using legal practices to ban opposition demonstrations with false pretences, suppressing the right to freedom of opinion and assembly and to enact revenge against those criticising the regime.

Security forces continue to repress demonstrations on a daily basis in villages and areas that demand the transition to democracy and reject dictatorship. This is the regimes response to the demands of the people since the uprising began on 14th February 2011.

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