Bahrain opposition party launches “Gangs of Darkness Campaign”: “$10 million stolen from citizens in house raids”

Photos of a raid on a home last week

$10 million worth of property and cash has been stolen during house raids in Bahrain over the past year, said Al Wefaq National Islamic Society during a press conference to launch a new campaign “Gangs of Darkness”.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the “constant attacks on homes” in Bahrain by security forces. According to Al Wefaq’s documentation department 270 homes were “raided, robbed or vandalized” in June and July 2012 alone.

Khalil Almarzooq, a leading figure of Al Wefaq, said in a press conference, “These crimes cannot have been committed without an official will.” He went on to add, “The King of Bahrain is responsible for this number (270 raids).”

The number of raids in homes seems to have increased in the past couple of months, with Al Wefaq regularly reporting of areas that have suffered from such attacks. Last week the opposition party said that a young woman was attacked whilst showering during a raid on her home.

Almarzooq stressed the need for a broad campaign across the political spectrum to condemn the “terrifying raids”. He addressed the Crown Prince of Bahrain in saying “We have condemned all forms of violence from the opposition in all of our speeches, it is now your turn to condemn these unjustifiable raids during your Ramadan visits this evening.”

According to documentation by Al Wefaq in all cases the raids are carried out either by police or armed civilians who are supported by the police. A statement said, “These masked armed civilians, supported by the police, are fixing police badges on their clothing. All documentation proves that police are directly involved in the raiding of homes.”

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