Child killed by police during second consecutive Eid

Regime forces have tonight killed another child in Bahrain. 16-year-old Hussam Al-Haddad was killed by police during protests late this evening. The cause of death is unclear but photographs of the body suggest a he was severely beaten to death, although other statements mention he was shot at with the internationally prohibited bird shot gun.

Reports say his body was abducted by security forces and held for a period of time before his death was officially announced.

It comes during the Muslim celebrations of Eid, to mark the end of Ramadhan. Last year on the same occasion, 15-year-old Ali Jawad Al Sheikh was killed and the parallel between the 2 incidents serve as a stark indicator of the lack of progress towards reform.

Police are still using excessive force that is still resulting deaths, almost a year after the BICI report criticised this.

In a statement opposition society Al Wefaq said, “Hussam is one of a long list of martyrs who have been killed on the path to freedom and rejecting of oppression. The injustice of the regime, who rule with an iron grip, has crossed all lines of what is tolerable.”

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