Speech of Sayed Hadi Almusawi at UN side event

The following is the text of the speech by resigned Bahraini MP and Head of Al Wefaq Human Rights Department, Sayed Hadi Almusawi.

My name is Sayed Hadi Almusawi, I take the floor on behalf of the Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational and Transparty, an international NGO accredited in Category I by the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

We believe the authorities in Bahrain are not serious about implementing the recommendations of either the BICI or this UPR. Whilst they portray an image of implementation, the very violations condemned in those reports continue on the ground.

We urge you to insist on serious implementation and monitoring of all BICI and UPR recommendations.

This includes setting up an office for the high commission to open in Bahrain with full mandate, either voluntarily or through a special session of the human rights council.

Bahrain should also allow visits of special Rapporteurs of torture, independence of judiciary, freedom of expression, and discrimination. In Bahrain, thousands of people have been subjected to arbitrary arrest, torture and unfair trials for seeking to exercise basic human rights.

The authorities use the institutions (executive, legislative, judicial, security and media) to repress the people. There is a forced sectarian policy of segregation as many citizens are deprived of their basic rights because they are Shiite.

The number of those killed has now doubled since the BICI and continues to grow. Most recently in August a 16-year-old child, Husam Alhaddad, was the victim of excessive force by police.

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