Hundreds demand democracy in latest rally

Hundreds of pro-democracy protesters marched between Aldaih and Alsehla, to the west of Manama, this afternoon under the banner “Our Precious Bahrain”.

The mass rally had been called by Bahrain’s opposition parties who released a joint statement after the rally saying:

We, the opposition parties in Bahrain emphasize that the regime’s behavior and its adopted suppressive security escalation in place of a political resolution, only bring the people to hold on to their belief in a vital democratic transition and an end to dictatorship and tyranny.  

The people marched en masse today from Daih to Sehla, to reassure once again, that they insist on their rightful democratic demands. The people of Bahrain demand power-sharing through an elected government instead of the current assigned government that is silencing the people by force and confiscating the country’s resources and wealth. 

The current assigning strategy is responsible for discrimination, setback, poverty, pollution and corruption in housing, health-care and education. However, the solution is not in new assignments, the whole government and political procedure needs to be changed. “People are the source of all powers” must be truly implemented through a freely elected government.

The ongoing violations since 14th February 2011, throughout the 20 previous months makes certain that any solution other than a real democratic transition cannot survive, even a short period. The people are steadfast, and their back-down is a hopeless wish of the regime. Economy and human-right problems will not be resolved through sham solutions.

Only a real and genuine political resolution will endure stability on the long-run for all Bahrainis who dream of justice and equality in Bahrain.

Those who reject democratic transition and find it frustrating are a minority that is taking advantage of the current situation which allows more seizure of public property and wealth through tribal tyranny. As long as democracy will put an end to their breaches, they will refuse it.

The transition to democracy is the key to stability and confidence for each and every citizen including those who are against it, only for their personal interests. In fact, even those who belong to the royal family and are marginalized will find good in democracy, along with each citizen subjected to injustice, violation and confiscations of rights and liberty.

We stress that democracy is the most appropriate option for all peoples and no matter how long the dictatorship lasts, it will remain weak in front of people’s refusal and movement, these people are eager to justice, freedom and humanity and will continue to refuse the legitimacy of the autocratic regimes and will always defeat dictatorship until they reach victory and freedom.

Despite it being more than a year and a half since the protest movement first took to the streets, the strength of the rally proves that the regimes attempts to repress the movement have failed. The people have constantly reiterated their willingness to take to the streets until genuine reform has been achieved, as exemplified today. More pictures below:



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