Leading opposition figures to speak in London tonight

Two leading members of Al Wefaq, Bahrain’s largest opposition party, will speak tonight at SOAS University.

Jawad Fairouz, resigned MP and one of 31 to have their citizenships revoked, will speak alongside Bushra Alhendi, a youth and women’s leader in Al Wefaq. The event, hosted by the SOAS Ahlul-bayt society, will be chaired by Dr. Kristian Coates-Ulrichsen from LSE’s Kuwait Programme.

The guests will discuss the latest situation in Bahrain and give thoughts on a potential way forward for the country towards democracy and away from the repressive policies that have characterised the crackdown over the past 20 months.

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Human Rights & Democracy in Bahrain

Monday 26th November 7pm

Khalili Lecture Theatre

School of Oriental and African Studies – Thornhaugh Street, WC1H 0XG London, United Kingdom
Jawad Fairouz – resigned MP and one of 31 to have citizenship revoked
Bushra Alhendi – Youth and women’s activist in Al Wefaq
Chair – Dr. Kristian Coates-Ulrichsen – LSE Kuwait Programme

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