Opposition delegation visit Scottish Parliament

A delegation of opposition figures visited the Scottish Parliament today, in Edinburgh, addressing a number of MSP’s and meeting with others.

Resigned MP Khalil Almarzooq gave a presentation to a number of MSP’s, from across the political spectrum, at an event hosted by MSP Dr. Richard Simpson. Almarzooq spoke about the history of struggling for democratic rights in Bahrain right up until today, including the movement of 14th February. He outlined the demands of the opposition and answered a number of questions from MSP’s.

Scottish Labour MSP, Dr. Richard Simpson said “I think it was very important for the opposition group to speak to the Scottish Parliament as peaceful protests are being suppressed and people are being arrested.” He said he had learned a lot from Almarzooq’s presentation and said “The actions taken after the BICI report, clearly have not fulfilled what it suggested.” He went on to say that “much greater justice was needed” in Bahrain, as well as expressing confidence that those attending the event would go on to raise the issue of Bahrain in the Scottish Parliament.

An MSP from the Scottish National Party, Sandra White, said, “It was very important for MSP’s to hear from the Bahraini opposition. It’s time regimes like Bahrain started listening to their own people.”

Although he could not attend, Scottish External Affairs Minister Humza Yousaf expressed his apologies and support. In a letter he said, “The Scottish Government believes that the long term stability of Bahrain depends upon inclusive and constructive political dialogue and it is essential that this dialogue progresses rapidly.We remain concerned about reports of violence and human rights abuses in Bahrain.”

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