Motion to UK Parliament welcomes CP talks, calls for HR respect

MPs in the UK Parliament have today put forward a motion to the house on the current situation in Bahrain, noting the recent talks between the Crown Prince and the Opposition but calling on Bahrain to improve on human rights.

The motion tabled by 6 MP’s thus far, from across the political spectrum, and signed by Ann Clwyd, Chair of the Human Rights Group, welcomes the new talks but is insistent that it should lead to significant progress on reforms and human rights. It calls on the Bahraini Authorities to “stop sending out mixed messages to, and persecuting, those committed to peaceful political change”. Furthermore it notes the importance of “confidence building measures” to assist with the dialogue process.

The motion ends with a call to the international community to use the Crown Prince meeting with the opposition to encourage all sides “to adopt a road map and timetable for subsequent negotiations to resolve the on-going political crisis.” The motion followed a meeting between a delegation of opposition leaders from Bahrain and members of the UK All Parliamentary Group on Human Rights.

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