Geneva protest calls for an end to torture in Bahrain

The Bahraini delegation to the Human Rights Council in Geneva were joined today by around 60 members of the local community to call for an end to oppression in Bahrain. Protesters chanted “free Bahrain” and “stop torture in Bahrain”, in a protest at the iconic broken chair statue, outside of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Sayed Hadi Almusawi, a resigned MP from Al Wefaq National Islamic Society, said, “We are delighted to see so many from the local community join our protest calling for human rights and democracy in Bahrain.”

Young and old braved the hot temperatures on a Saturday afternoon to show their solidarity with the people of Bahrain. Fatima, a local student, said, “I’m here to show my support for the people of Bahrain. There’s a lot of violence taking place there and we have to support them.”

During a speech to the protesters at the end of the rally, Sheikh Maytham Alsalman thanked all of those who attended and described how happy those in Bahrain are to know they are supported internationally.

The protest comes at the end of the first week of the 26th session of the Human Rights Council. On Tuesday a joint-statement was issued by 47 states labeling the situation in Bahrain “a serious concern”. Two side events have also discussed Bahrain with more due in the coming couple of weeks.

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